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WAVE Child Safeguarding & Movement Building Project

The WAVE Child Safeguarding & Movement Building Project has been launched and will go on for the next two years (2022, 2023).

Among Women’s Rights Foundation (WRF), WAVE members involved in the project include: the Autonomous Women’s House Zagreb (AZKZ) from Croatia, the Women For Women Together Against Violence Association (NANE) from Hungary, and the Central Information Office of Autonomous Women’s Shelters (ZIF) from Germany. WAVE will also be consulting the expertise of Missing Children Europe.

The WAVE Child Safeguarding & Movement Building Project aims to create an adaptable and comprehensive child safeguarding framework for Women’s specialist services (WSS), while strengthening child-friendly court proceedings across international contexts.

The project primarily aims to ensure the safety of children while their mothers receive support from WSS through a transitional period. Additionally, the project also plans to increase awareness through stakeholders from relevant fields, including judiciary, social services, police, and so forth, regarding the overall systemic strategising of keeping children safe.

Contact Branislava Aradjan, WAVE Youth Ambassador Coordinator for more information:

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